Pau Casals Museum



Av. Palfuriana, 67, Platja de Sant Salvador. El Vendrell
+34 977 684 276
Pablo Casals had Vil·la Casals built on the seafront of Sant Salvador Beach in El Vendrell in 1910. The villa, with its gardens, sculpture garden and belvedere looking out over the sea, was initially designed as a summer residence and was renovated by the architect Antoni Puig i Gairalt between 1931 and 1936. Pablo Casals lived here till 1939, when he went into exile, never to return. This house was his connection with Catalonia and, as he himself put it, “the expression and the synthesis of my life as a Catalan and as an artist”.

Pablo Casals and his wife, Marta, created the Pau Casals Foundation in 1972 for the purpose of preserving his artistic legacy and other heritage, as well as the villa itself. In 2001, the building reopened following refurbishment work and a new museographical design that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the life and the extensive musical and humanistic bequest left by one of the most universal figures in Catalan culture.

The Pau Casals Museum is one of the finest museums specialising in a musician in Europe. It offers a regular programme of activities and services for the general public throughout the year and has a multipurpose room, auditorium, gift shop and a restaurant.

Anem de visita

The museum is in the Costa Daurada region and is just 20 minutes from Tarragona and an hour and a half from Barcelona. Its location, on Sant Salvador Beach looking out to sea, makes it a magnificent place to visit. Through its modern museography, which respects the villa’s original rooms, the museum presents the life and work of Pablo Casals in an innovative and contemporary manner. The tour includes not only the museum but also the gardens laid out in the neoclassical style, the sculpture gallery and the belvedere with views of the Mediterranean.

Inside the museum is the Restaurant Vil·la Casals, situated in a unique spot with a magnificent outdoor terrace, where guests can enjoy the remarkable setting full of history. The museum also has a gift shop offering products related to the museum and Pablo Casals.

Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals (El Vendrell, 1876 - Puerto Rico, 1973) is one of the best known names in Catalan culture. His musical talent was recognised internationally and he was regarded as the most important musician of his era. As a cellist, he introduced innovations in the way the instrument was played and he was also a world-renowned orchestra conductor and a great composer.

He forced into exile by the outcome of the Spanish Civil War and went to live firstly in Prades in France and later in San Juan in Puerto Rico, where he died at the age of 96.

In addition to his extraordinary career as a musician, Pablo Casals was a staunch defender of peace, justice and freedom. He refused from the outset to perform in countries that did not respect democratic principles, and in the final years of his life he spoke out against numerous wars and against the use of nuclear weapons. This commitment earned him a host of awards and honours, among them the American Presidential Medal of Freedom (1963), the United Nations Peace Medal (1971) and two nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize (1956 and 1958).
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