Mas Miró



Finca Mas Miró, s/n. Mont-roig del Camp
+34 977 179 158
Mas Miró stands on the estate of the same name in the municipality of Mont-roig del Camp. The entrance is easy to find as you exit 1138 Mont-roig del Camp on the A-7. It has a free carpark.

Mas Miró is made up of a series of buildings dating back to different periods in time, from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Inside, you can discover the solemnity of his first studio, the original tools and items he used in his work, the interiors of the rooms where he lived, the chapel and the surrounding gardens. The building has been declared an Item of National Cultural Interest.

Anem de visita

Visits to Mas Miró as part of the “Miró’s emotional landscapes” route cost €8 (Children under 8 years old: free of charge). This includes an audio guide and a leaflet with information on the different places that visitors can discover along the route and at Mas Miró.

To visit Mas Miró, see:

Joan Miró

Joan Miró (Barcelona, 1893—Palma, 1983) is one of the most universal Catalan artists of the twentieth century. Painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist, known for his discretion and legendary silences, it is through his oeuvre that Miró expresses his rebellion and nonconformity toward the historical and political events that he was forced to live.

The attachment to Mont-roig’s landscape, first, and then to that of Mallorca, where he ended up settling for good in the 1950s, were decisive to his work and language.  Barcelona, Mont-roig, Mallorca, but also Paris (in the 1920s), New York (in the 1940s), and Japan (in the 1960s) were his emotional landscapes, in spite of the fact that Mont-roig was always the counterpoint, the original clash to which he kept returning to.

Miró always fled from academism, and to understand his work one must understand his bond to the earth, as well as his interest in quotidian objects and the natural surroundings. All of this led him to create this personal and unique language that makes him one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. And this is the reason why his oeuvre cannot be ascribed to any particular movement.
Joan Miró's workshop at Mas Miró, Mont-roig 1965. ©Arxiu Successió Miró

© fotos: Fundació Mas Miró

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