Casa Museu Amatller



Passeig de Gràcia, 41. Barcelona
+34 934 617 460
The Casa Museu Amatller is a sumptuous dwelling narrating the history of a city. Introducing the main actors of Catalan Modernisme, a movement that radically transformed the character of Barcelona with the introduction of singularities within the uniformity defined by the ordinances of Ildefons Cerdà's Eixample.

The Casa Museu Amatller is an authentic modernista house designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch at the end of the century, between 1898 and 1900. It was commissioned by the industrialist-chocolatier Antoni Amatller i Costa (1851-1910) who went to live with his daughter Teresa.

The Casa Museu Amatller give due credit to the fifty odd industrialists, craftsmen and artists that turned the architect's projects into reality, a group that transformed first quality materials into works of art. They were the masters, often unjustly forgotten, that made Modernisme with their own hands.

The visit of the Casa Museu Amatller House allows us to know the history of Antoni Amatller as an industrialist-chocolatier, his facet of photographer-traveler and also, as a collector of works of art with an important collection of archaeological excavation glass.

Antoni Amatller lived until his death in 1910 and his daughter, his only heiress, continued to live in the house.

In 1942, Teresa created the Fundació Amatller to manage and protect the heritage of the house and promote the study and research of the History of Art.

Anem de visita

The Casa Museu Amatller can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, except on December 25. There are two models of visit, the guided video and the guided tour in several languages.

Group visits are always by prior reservation.

Tickets are available at the Casa box office or

The conservation conditions required by the Casa Museu Amatller require visitors to be in small groups of a maximum of 15 people and put foot protectors for the conservation of the floors of the house.

The Casa Museu Amatller also organizes other activities: concerts, conferences, theater visits that are scheduled throughout the year.

Antoni Amatller i Costa

Antoni Amatller (1851-1910) was son and grandson of chocolate makers that, not only turned the family business into a leading industry, but also found the time for hobbies like photography, travelling and art collecting. A perfect example of the Catalan illustrated bourgeoisie that raised the country and offered the means to make Modernisme possible.

Josep Puig i Cadafalch

The Casa Museu Amatller reveales the multifaceted personality of Josep Puig i Cadafalch, architect, politician and art historian, with an integral conception amalgamating architecture, decoration, design and furniture. The result is a spectacular whole, heterogeneous and harmonic, manifesting that Catalonia, thanks to the Industrial Revolution, had regained the preeminent position it had in mediaeval Europe.

© fotos: Image Antoni Amatller: 2015 Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic- im.04258003

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